Game client does not start or black screen

If you are having issues starting the client after pressing play in the EVE Online Launcher. There may be an issue with the shared cache files, client cache or graphic drivers. Below are a few examples of error messages and there respective workarounds to resolve those issues.


"Game client startup for <username> was skipped as a game client for this user is already running"

If you are encountering this issue, it is possible there may be a lingering open process in your computer. You can check and end any active processes related to EVE Online in the Task Manager on Windows or the Monitor application on Mac OS. 

"Client crashed with exitCode: -1073741819" 

If you encounter the error above after pressing “Play” on the EVE Online launcher, please check if you have the latest released graphic drivers available for your computer. Pay special attention to integrated graphic drivers if your system has multiple graphic processors. 

"Can't copy files for Tranquility" / "Stuck at Processing Bulk Data": 

If you are encountering this issue, there may be an issue with the shared cache files. You can verify the shared cache files by following these steps: 

Windows OS

  • Start the launcher. 
  • Open the Launcher menu by clicking on the 'gear' icon at the top right and select the 'Tools / Cache' option. 
  • Open the 'Shared Cache' from the dropdown list on the menu above. 
  • Select Shared Cache in the left pane. 
  • Click on verify. 

Mac OS

  • Start the Launcher 
  • Click on the EVE launcher at the top of the screen and select Preferences or press Command (⌘) and comma (,) to open preferences. 
  • Click on the 'Tools / Cache' tab. 
  • Click on the 'Shared Cache' Settings tab on the left (below the button above). 
  • You may see some progress in the bar at the bottom. Once its task is complete, please click on the 'Verify' button and the verification process will begin. 

Game starting but I am only seeing a black screen 

If you see a black screen in the client window and nothing else is loading, there may be an issue with the client cache. 

To reset the client cache, see the steps below: 

  • Start and log into the game as normal. 
  • Once you are logged in and the black screen is visible, open your client settings menu by pressing the 'Esc' key on your keyboard. 
  • Select the Reset Settings tab. 
  • Click on Clear All Cache Files button. 

If you are still having issues, you can submit a ticket to our help center: 

Submit a Support Ticket

Be sure to add the following information: 

Launcher logs

DxDiag / System Profiler

LogLite tool

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