Troubleshoot - Downloading The Game / Launcher


If you're having problems downloading the game then please check the following steps: 

  1. Click on the 'Download EVE Online' button on the following site.
  2. If the download is taking too long then try using a wired (Ethernet) connection to your router rather than using wireless (WiFi). 
  3. If the file does not start downloading after you have clicked the download button then try using a different internet browser (Firefox, Chrome etc.) or disabling your browser extensions. 
  4. Once the file is downloaded then please run it to start the installation process. 

"My antivirus detected a virus in your program."

This is most likely a false positive caused by your virus protection being overzealous. Anti-virus developers usually have a page where you can submit potential threats for false positives. This will help your anti-virus provider fine tune their program. If you are unsure then please submit the file to your anti-virus developer.

In the meantime you should have the option to ignore the warning or disable your anti-virus while installing the game.


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