Triglavian Invasion



A hostile invasion of known space is underway by the Triglavian Collective. CONCORD urges all Capsuleers to mobilize and push back the invaders, to investigate the invaded systems, examine the abyssal conduits and engage roaming squadrons in order to gather more intel on their movements, technology and rare materials.

Invading fleets should be considered highly dangerous and collaborativeand are appearing in selected systems with strange environmental effects. These effects intensify in systems closer to the origin point of an invasion.


A triglavian invasion will intensify during subsequent days and weeks. It will begin with roaming fleets of Triglavians, then escalate to Capsuleers fighting in Minor and Major Conduits and finally the World Ark Proving Ground. Capsuleers can fight an invasion by completing various sites within the invaded systems in order to fight off an invasion quickly. If left alone, each invasion will also end and move onto other systems on its own after some time.

Systems with an ongoing invasion will see increased harvesting rates and extra sources of resources. The Triglavian presence means that usually "safe" high-security spaces may become extremely dangerous, but also create lucrative opportunities for the daring Capsuleer as they work - alone or in groups - to repel the invaders or other attackers.

Also, this new Triglavian Threat has caused the Sansha Nation to tread more carefully, lowering the amount of available Sansha Incursions.


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