Celebratory Reward Eligibility


With the Ascension launch having concluded last week we have given out the rewards to eligible players through the redeeming system during the downtime on Nov. 22nd. Since there were may rewards available with different criteria we have made this article so that you can check if you received the correct rewards or not. The reward criteria is as follows:

  • If you have at any point had paid subscription with EVE Online then you get a Gnosis Premium SKIN the Crimson Harvest YC118
  • If you were subscribed continuously from the 16th of September till the 8th of November you get: A three ship bundle containing a Gnosis, a Apotheosis and a Sunesis
  • If you subscribed a month before the 8th of November you get a Gnosis ship.
  • If you had an active subscription at the date of the launch on the 15th of November you get a Genolution Combat Suit and Genolution Goggles.


Note that all the requirements are independent from each other so that for example if you have a subscription from the 16th of September till the 8th of November you will get the items from point 1, 2 and, 3.

As another example, if you subscribe on the 10th of November for the first time ever you would get the rewards from point 1 and 4.

Also note that these rewards are time limited and will be removed from your redeeming system on the 10th of January 2017 if not claimed by then, so please make sure to claim them before that date.



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