Network Diagnostic Tool

The Player Experience Team may ask for certain information to aid with the investigation when network or connection issues are reported. This information can be obtained via the use of the network diagnostic tool of the launcher, which can be opened from the -menu in the upper right corner of the launcher window. Once started, the tool should display this window:


Any results of using the buttons at the bottom will be available in the large text field of the tool, from where they can be selected and copied into a text file to attach to a ticket. Each button tests details about certain aspects of the connections that the launcher and the game are using.



Checks all the URLs that the launcher and client connect with. It will displays all IP addresses that have been resolved for the URLs used before it performs a PING test to each URL. This is used to test general connectivity. Failing these tests can indicate the launcher being blocked by security software as well as issues with Name servers being unable to resolve the used URLs.



This test will perform a trace route to each of the URLs the launcher and client connect with. This information can be used to identify potential causes for delays and latency within the game, and from which they may originate. In case of complete connection failures, the traces may also contain indicators for possible issues along the route of the data between the client and the server.



This test simply performs a download speed test from the EVE Image server.



This is a test to make sure all certificates are valid and secure connections can be established. Errors in this test may provide indicators if a successful log in is prevented by outdated certificates.

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