Shared Cache Options


The shared cache folder holds all the files needed to run the game client. To open the shared cache folder options:

  • Start the Launcher
  • Click on the 'Open Settings' button located in the left-bottom menu bar of the launcher window.

  • Click on "Reset Options & Cache" and select Shared Cache Settings.

  • There may be some progress in the bar at the bottom. Once it has completed its task all options should become available.

Show in Explorer

To view the folder itself on the hard drive click the button 'Show in Explorer' and it will open the folder within windows explorer.

The ResFiles folder holds all the resource files, such as sounds, textures, models etc., for the game in a compressed format. The folders named after the servers (tq, sisi etc.) will be created when the launcher connects to the respective server for the first time. They contain the binary files for each the respective client version required to connect to the different servers.


If you need to move the shared cache folder to another location on your computer then the 'Move' button allows you to set the location of the shared cache folder. You can place it anywhere you like, on a secondary hard disk for example.


If the Shared Cache is located within the "Program Files" system folder on windows, upgrading the system from a previous version of Windows to Windows 10 may result in a lack of permissions on the folder that can prevent launcher from updating the game. The 'Permissions' button is a simple tool to correct that permission issue.



Sometimes cache files can become corrupted for a variety of reasons that can reach from transfer errors during patches to defective sectors on the hard drive. This can cause various issues while playing the game, such as crashes, graphic issues or missing information in game windows. In such cases, it can often be very helpful to verify the integrity of the files in the shared cache folder. Clicking "Verify" will check all files and attempt to redownload any corrupt or incomplete files in order to repair them.

If some indices were not available then it means that the files in the shared resource cache folder are either in use or in the process of being updated. To resolve that, close any client that may be running or restart the computer and then try again.



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