Citadel Fighter changes and Carrier->Force Auxiliary Transition


With the EVE: Citadel release on April 26th 2016, several changes have been introduced, which will affect almost all carrier or supercarrier pilots.



  • If a Carrier had a triage module fitted during the Expansion downtime, it has been converted into their factional equivalent Force Auxiliary.
  • If a Carrier did not have a triage module fitted during the patch, it remained untouched

Fighters & Drones

  • All existing Fighters are being multiplied by 6 (Their size and construction costs are being reducing by a similar amount).
  • All existing Fighter-Bombers are being multiplied by 4 (Their size and construction costs are being reducing by a similar amount).
  • Fighters will be moved into the new Fighter Bays of their respective ships.
  • Fighter manufacturing jobs will have their outputs multiplied appropriately.

Drones in Carriers/Supercarriers
As drones can no longer be used by these ships with the Citadel expansion, they have been moved to an appropriate location.

  • For character-owned ships, this will be the hangar bay of their home-station as listed on the character sheet.
  • For corporation-owned ships, this will be the corporate HQ
  • For ships owned by neither a character nor a corporation (such as ships in a contract) we'll put them in the ship's main cargo hold, and then let the new owner sort it out when he gets the ship.


Some of the above changes may result in an overloaded Cargo Hold of carriers or super carriers. However, changes have been made so that a carrier or supercarrier that happens to be still in space may still warp, dock (only at Keepstar Citadels in case of Supercarriers) or jump through a stargate, despite having an overloaded cargo hold. Jumps through a cynosural field will not be possible, though, and items would have to be ejected from the cargo hold until it is no longer overloaded.


Force Auxiliary Skills

ISK spent and skillpoints trained in the now defunct Force Auxiliary skills along with this conversion were reimbursed on May 31st, 2016, as follows:


  • Any skill points that have been trained in any of the 4 racial force auxiliary skills (Minmatar Force Auxiliary, Amarr Force Auxiliary, Gallente Force Auxiliary & Caldari Force Auxiliary) have been returned as unallocated skill points.
  • Any racial Force Auxiliary skills that were scheduled to be trained have been removed from the training queue.
  • All remaining skills in the queue have been moved up to fill the spaces in the training queue.
  • All characters who have injected a racial Force Auxiliary skill received a full reimbursement of their value (500m ISK).
  • All existing copies of the skills have been converted to their equivalent racial Carrier skill.


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