Station Freeport Mode



If the owners of a station or outpost lose its capture event, it will enter reinforced mode and a mandatory 48 hours Freeport Mode. The corporation will no longer be considered the owner of the station, meaning all players are able to dock without docking fees and use its services. No player can change the station settings during this period and no fees or taxes will be awarded to any corporation. The end time for the Freeport Mode of the station will be listed in the System Info Panel.

After the 48 hours have passed a second capture event begins. However, because no corporation is considered the owner, no Activity Defense Multiplier is applied to any of the Command Nodes. The conflict can also have multiple sides involved, rather than the standard attackers vs defenders scenario, in a multi-sided tug of war where any alliance may participate to capture the station. Only one alliance can capture each command node and each success gives them points towards the larger tug of war.

The station will remain contested and in Freeport Mode until the second capture event has concluded. The corporation that wins the capture event becomes the new station owner and the station will then become invulnerable until the next Vulnerability Window of its new owners.

The starmap has a filter for stations in Freeport Mode, which can be found in "Color By" > "Sovereignty" > "Freeport Mode".


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