The Amazon payment option is available for customers in the USA, Germany, France, and the UK. This is a non-recurring payment method.

  • Log into the "Account Management" pages
  • Select “Add Game Time” from the "Game Time" menu
  • Select your preferred subscription length and click the "Want to use another payment option?" link on the next page
  • Select Amazon from the list and follow the on-screen instructions as you are redirected to Amazon's website, where the payment can be completed via Amazon's payment system

It is also possible to link an activated (not trial) EVE Online Account to an Amazon account using "Game Connect". This allows for purchases of addon packs or PLEX directly through Amazon, which will be delivered directly into the redeeming system of the linked account.

Information on how to link EVE Online accounts to Amazon can be found here on the product page on Amazon if you hover over the "How Account Linking Works" text on top of the page.

  • It is not possible to activate Trial-Accounts using this payment method, or link a Trial Account through Amazon's "Game Connect".
  • All refund requests for payments done through Amazon are required to go through Amazon’s Customer Support; CCP Customer Support unfortunately cannot assist with refund requests for these payments.

 Amazon payments are not eligible for the Recruit a Friend Program.


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