30 Day Pilot License Extension (PLEX)


PLEX that are located within the redeeming system of an account may be used as an alternate payment method for the 1 Month game time package.

This option can be found on the Account Management pages under the Game Time tab. After the 1 month option is selected on the first page, click the "Want to use another payment option?" link.

Another page will be displayed. Please select the PLEX option.

This will list the amount of PLEX that currently are available within the redeeming system of the account and on the next screen you will be able to finalize the payment.


Similar to other payment methods, a receipt will be shown and a transaction confirmation will be sent via e-mail once the purchase has been completed. Adding game time to an account this way will not change any eventually active subscription plans for the account, it will merely add 30 days of game time and move the next billing date accordingly if a recurring subscription is active for the account.

It is also possible to activate PLEX in game to add game time to an account.



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