Reverse Redeeming


30 Day Pilot License Extensions (PLEX) are the only item that can be moved from the game into the redeeming system of an account. Moving PLEX to the redeeming system makes it available to be used for the account services offered on the Account Management pages, such as character transfers or adding game time. 

PLEX can be moved into the redeeming system by right clicking on the PLEX in-game and selecting the 'Return to Redeem Items' option. After confirming the request players will see a message indicating that the item has been successfully placed back into the Redeem Items list.

It should be noted that redeeming a PLEX that has been reverse redeemed will always return it to the same station where it was originally redeemed. It is therefore not possible to safely move a PLEX to a different station by returning it to the redeeming system and redeeming it again elsewhere. It is strongly recommended that the receiving character is at the location where the redeemed item is to be used or sold before redeeming the item.


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