Aurum (AUR) is a virtual currency that can be used to purchase items from the New Eden Store (NES). These items include a range of exclusive apparel for characters, ship SKINs and account service tokens. 

Aurum can be acquired by purchasing it directly from the AUR store within the "Services" menu on the "Account Management" page. Saved payment information allows a purchase of Aurum through the game client.

Alternatively, selecting "Redeem to AUR" from the right click menu of a PLEX will allow the PLEX to be converted into Aurum, at a rate of 3500 AUR per PLEX.

Additional information:

  • The AUR wallet is tied to the account and shared by all characters on the account.
  • Aurum cannot be transferred to other accounts.
  • The amount of Aurum available to an account is visible in the upper right corner of the New Eden Store window.
  • The “Redeem to AUR” option is currently not available within an Upwell Structure.



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