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The Recruit a Friend Program allows players to send invitations to friends, family, and fellow gamers so they can register a free EVE Online Alpha account, and receive a reward for their referral should the invited account be upgraded to Omega status.

Please note that specific Terms and Conditions apply to the Recruit a Friend Program and it is advised to read them before using the program. The Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Alpha Accounts can be upgraded using PLEX in-game and this will give their inviter 30 days of game time as a reward. If the Alpha account does not have a PLEX in-game to upgrade the account to Omega status, it can also be upgraded through the Account Management website with one of the payment methods available there.

If the inviter account status is Omega, 500 PLEX or 30 days of Omega game time can be selected as a reward. However, if the account status changes to Alpha status before the reward is claimed, only the 30 days of game time will be available as a reward.

All aspects of the Recruit a Friend Program are available within the "Recruit a Friend" section of the Account Management pages. Invitations can be sent directly to an e-mail address, but a public link to integrate into fan sites or social media is also available for each active account.

A list of past invites is available to check whether an invitation sent to an e-mail has been accepted and used to create an account, and whether the account has been activated yet. For privacy reasons, no information will be available for accounts that have been created through the public invitation link. If an invited account was successfully activated, the inviting account may claim a reward for the invite through the list of past invites.

Recruit a Friend Connect

Recruit a Friend Connect enables an inviting character to link a friend's character once the character is created. Both characters will appear as contacts in game (under the People and Places menu) and can start enjoying the game together.

Additional information: 

  • It is vital that the invited utilize the provided link either from the invitation email or the public link to create an account. It is not possible to link an account to the Recruit a Friend Program if it was created by other means.
  • Only one reward can be selected and is dependent on eligibility. Rewards cannot be exchanged once selected.
  • If an invited account is upgraded via PLEX in game or a Donated PLEX, the only reward option for the inviting account is 30 days of game time.
  • Reward eligibility is determined by the recruited account's activation method and other criteria are listed in the Terms and Conditions. Only the first method of payment is taken into consideration for this program and no subsequent payments provide eligibility.
  • Recruit a Friend Reward’s Terms and Conditions are subject to change.

Claiming Your Reward

Claiming a reward from the recruit program can be done by first logging into the Account Management page. Then hovering over the “Recruit a Friend“ tab and selecting “Past Invites”, pressing the claim button will provide the reward.


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