Linking an EVE Online account to Facebook

We are offering the possibility of linking an EVE Online account with a Facebook account for easier login to the Account Management pages. Only one EVE Online account can be linked to a Facebook account at any given time.

Linking an EVE Online Account to Facebook

The option to link your account to Facebook can be found in your "Account Info" page on the Account Management page. Using it will prompt a Facebook log in if not logged into Facebook already.


Once authenticated with Facebook, a notification will be shown with details on what information will be provided to CCP Games. Confirming this notification completes the linking of the EVE Online account to the Facebook account.

After the accounts have been linked, the blue Facebook icon from the login page can be used to easily and quickly to log into the Account Management pages using Facebook.


Removing the Facebook Link

The Facebook link can be removed from the EVE Online account at any time by logging into your Facebook account and selecting “Settings” - > “Apps” and removing the EVE Online service entry.


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