API Key Not Working


If a user has created an API key and it is not pulling any information or if its access is insufficient, then it's likely that they have not selected any information that the key is allowed to access.

This will be reflected in the 'Access Mask'. If the 'Access Mask' is displayed as '0' then the key is not able to access any information about the users character or account.

To grant access to information users can click on the relevant section such as WalletTransactions', 'CharacterInfo', 'SkillInTraining' etc. The category then should turn orange and the 'Access Mask' number will update.





Once the user has chosen their desired categories and clicked on the 'Submit' button, the key should be able to pull information about the account or character.

If users continue to experience any issues with submitting their API key to a third party service, then the issue is related to that specific service. In such cases it is recommended that the user contacts the owners of the service for assistance, as the Player Experience Team cannot provide assistance with third party software or services.



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