Station Management


The station Management is mostly identical for outposts and conquerable stations and allows detailed settings possibilities to allow access, as well as setting usage costs, for the variety of services on the outpost or station based on standings. The only tab not available on Conquerable Station is the "Improvements" tab that shows installed outpost upgrades. The station management window is only available to CEOs, Directors of the owning corporation, as well as members with the "Station Manager" role.

Station Details

The name of the station as well as a description may be set here. The sytem and planet that the station is located at will automatically be added in front of the name specified here. The docking and office rental base cost at the station as well as the taxes levied by the stations industry facilities can be set here as well.


Service Access Control

Allows fine grained control over who may access the various services that the station offers, based on the standings as well as the characters security rating.  If "Use alliance standings''  is ticked, the standings of a character wishing to use the services is checked against the alliance contact list of the station owners alliance, rather than the contact list of the corporation owning the station. The respective service will not be available if the standing of a character does not meet the minimum or maximum standings requirements.


Cost Modifiers

Allows discounting and surcharging the base costs of station services based on standings, as a percentage value per full standing point.

Clone Contracts

Lets you revoke clone contracts from corporations, whose members have the station set as home station, to prevent them from appearing within the station after a capsule loss when they would otherwise have no access. The clone contracts will be moved to the HQ of the respective corporation that had it's clone contracts revoked.


A listing of the available office slots within the station, as well as which corporation has rented them. Publicly available office slots are rentable by any corporation that has the required standings to rent offices on the station. It is also listed when the Office slot has been rented out, the cost for the current rental cycle as well as the due date for the current bill. Unchecking "Publicly available" will prevent further bills from being sent out for that office slot and the office unrented once the paid rental cycles have expired. Changing this after a bill has been issued will not revoke the bill and it may still be paid for another 30 day of rental time, meaning that it can take up to 60 days after unchecking "Publicly Available" until the office in question has been vacated.


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