FPS Monitor


Should a user wish to view the clients frames per second then they can open the 'FPS Monitor' by pressing the 'Ctrl + F' keys by default.

As well as the clients FPS the monitor will also display what DirectX (dx) version the client is using.


Users can collect statistics relating to their fps by clicking on the 'Start Collecting Stats' button.

Once the 'Stop Collecting Stats' button is pressed, the results will be copied to the users clipboard. They can then be pasted into any suitable application.

By clicking on the check box in the lower right of the monitor, once the user stops collecting statistics a window will appear with a summary of the 'Mean FPS:' and 'Mean Frametime' during the recorded session.

Should users feel that their fps output is low then they may wish to consider lowering the clients graphics settings, which can be found in the 'Display and Graphics' tab of the game menu that is accessible by pressing the ESC key.


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