Launcher Log

The log file will record everything the launcher does and if it encounters an issue it will record the error. This can be very helpful in troubleshooting potential problems with the launcher. If users are encountering issues with the launcher and require assistance from Player Experience then please always attach the launcher log file to the ticket because it is very useful in identifying the issue.


Using the launcher 

  • Start the launcher
  • Click on the E icon in the top right corner of the launcher.
  • Select Show in explorer
  • Select Launcher log



On Windows:

For the launcher, press Windows key + R and copy and paste the following into the entry field of the "Run" window and press enter:


On MacOS:

For the launcher open the finder and press (CMD + Shift + G) or click on (View) and then (Go To Folder) and copy and paste the following into the entry field, then press enter:

 ~/Library/Application Support/CCP/EVE/Launcher


Contents of the folder

The folder that opens contains 5 log files for the most recent starts of the launcher as well as a JSON file. Please attach all 5 logs for Player Experience, the JSON file is not required. The name format for the log files is:


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