API Key Management


The EVE Online API system allows information to be retrieved about a player's character and account without the need to log into the game.

There are many unofficial third party applications developed by players for the benefit of the community. Such applications help planning skill training, tinker with ship fittings and keep an eye on industry jobs. However it is not possible make changes through the API system, it is only used for reference.

In order for information to be retrieved it is necessary to produce an API key. It is important to remember that if an API key is given to someone else then they may be able to gain information about a character including mails, skill points, contacts and also when an account expires.


The API key is not be able to pull information about your username or password.

In order to create an API key, first log into the API management page which can be found here:


Click on the 'here' button.

It is then necessary to select which categories you wish the API to be able to pull information from. When you select a category, the background should turn yellow to indicate that this has been selected.

Once the required categories have been chosen, give the API key a name and click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the page. 

If users are experiencing any difficulties with the API key system, then please see the API KEY NOT WORKING  article for further information.



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