Test Server ‘Singularity’

CCP Games runs a test server, called Singularity, in order to test drive changes, fixes, new features and gather community feedback.

Its primary function is to provide a test environment as close as possible to the live environment of Tranquility. For this purpose, the Tranquility database is "mirrored" (copied) over to the Singularity server once every few months (or more often, if needed by the CCP Quality Assurance department) in order to test the performance of the server and client with as many players as possible at the same place (such as fleet fight situations), periodical mass testing events are often held on Singularity as well.


New and Reactivated Accounts

Newly created accounts and characters on Tranquility will only be available on the test server after a full mirror of the Tranquility database has been completed.


Test Server Resources

Information on how to connect to the test server and provide feedback can be found at the ‘Test Server Feedback’ section of the forums:

Test Server Feedback

Additional information regarding the test servers can be found on our Test Servers Information page.


Test Server and Customer Support

Due to the nature of the Singularity and Duality servers being test servers which may break at any point in time, access to these servers is offered "as is". This means that the Player Experience Team will unfortunately not be able to offer any assistance regarding potential issues with access and game play on these servers. Should players come across any unusual behaviors of the game while playing on these servers, they are encouraged to file a bug report using the bug reporting form either in game or on the community pages to bring those issues to the attention of our developers.

The Test Server Feedback forum is also a good place to see if other players have eventually encountered an issue before and to leave feedback for our developers.

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