EVE LogLite Diagnostic Tool

The EVE Online client contains a diagnostic tool called EVE LogLite which allows players to capture advanced client side logs. These logs can prove useful to the Player Experience Team when assisting users to diagnose problems with the client.

Windows Mac OS X

Running LogLite:

Users can see how to start and save the LogLite file below:

  • Note: Players must be using the Launcher to access 'LogLite'
  1. Start the EVE Launcher.
  2. Open the launcher settings.
  3. Select Tools Cache
  4. Click on Start Loglite
  5. Once the LogLite application has opened simply press ‘Play’ in the launcher to start the EVE client.
  6. Perform the reproduction steps needed for the issue in question.
  7. When the issue has been reproduced, select "File" -> "Save as..." and save the .lsw file to the computer.
  8. Users can then attach this file to their Support ticket, or Bug Report.

Connecting to LogLite:

If a user forgets to have LogLite open before starting their client they will be unable to view or save their client logs, however they can still connect the application by doing the following:

  1. Launch the EVE Client.
  2. Press: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + M
  3. The engine tools window will open, click on ‘Log Viewer’
  4. The log viewer window will open, click the ‘Attach’ button at the bottom of the window.
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