The Agency



The Agency is a tool for finding activities within the EVE Universe, such as asteroid belts, signatures, anomalies or agents. Any currently ongoing events will also be shown within the "Suggested" filter that is active by default. The available filters can be set to narrow down the search to make it easier to find more specific activities.


  1. These filter selections can be used to narrow down the results to specific activities within the selected range.

  2. The result list will show a number of activities that are close by. The "Suggested" filter will attempt to offer a mix of different activities, such as agents that are available and close by or nearby mining and combat sites, as well as any ongoing events. When filtered to specific activities, the result list will be sorted by range.

  3. The interactive map shows the location and type of things nearby, as well as additional details if an activity or event is selected from the result list.


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