Strategic Cruiser Rebalance - July 11th 2017


During the patch deployment on July 11th, 2017, Strategic (T3) Cruisers have been rebalanced, as outlined in the Dev Blogs "Strategic Cruisers and You" and "Rebalancing Strategic Cruisers".

The following changes were applied with the patch deployment:

  • All characters that have the Electronic Subsystem Technology, Amarr Electronic Systems, Gallente Electronic Systems, Caldari Electronic Systems, and/or Minmatar Electronic Systems skills trained have received the skillpoints from these skills as unallocated skillpoints as well as ISK reimbursement for the NPC cost of the skillbooks.

  • Existing subsystems that were not fit to a Strategic Cruiser were directly transformed into their closest functional equivalent under the new system.

  • Strategic Cruisers with subsystems fit to them had their subsystems converted into new ones directly, and have received one extra subsystem placed in their cargo hold (to ensure that players have the same number of subsystems before and after the patch). Should this extra subsystem overload the ships cargo hold for any reason, preventing it from moving or warping, the subsystem can be moved to the new "Subsystem Bay" of strategic cruisers.

  • This means that although all fitted Strategic Cruisers will continue to have a valid set of subsystems after the patch, some of their modules may have gone offline as fitting and even slot layouts may have changed.

  • The complete list of which subsystem combinations fit to Strategic Cruisers have been converted into which subsystem combinations after the patch can be found in this spreadsheet.


Detailed information about the new attributes for each Strategic Cruiser and their new subsystems can be found in the following forum threads:


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