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IGN also awards EVE honourable mention in categories: Debut Game of the Year, Online World of the Year and Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction
Great feeling, free and beautiful, with a grande addictionfactor. Deadly!
The illustrated short story 'The Artifice Maker' tells the tale of an Amarrian migration worker caught up in the whirlstorm of a social uprising.

Known issues with the EVE Online disk:

  • Issue 1: Under Windows Vista, with USER ACCOUNTS CONTROL (UAC) enabled; the game installer can take a long time to invoke after the initial verification screen.
    • This is a known issue with UAC activated, as the system verifies that the entire file has not been modified since signing. For large files, this can take a great deal of time. If you want to change UAC settings in Vista, follow instructions given in this link: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc709691.aspx
  • Issue 2: Under Windows Vista, when the parental control is applied, the user is unable to proceed beyond the splash screen.
    • An incorrect system date is causing the game to crash only if the Parental Control is switched ON. Please check that your system date is correct or update it, or turn off Parental Control.
  • Issue 3: On page four of the printed user manual shipped with the disk, the incorrect path is listed for manually running the disk if autorun fails.
    • That patch should read, “x:\Windows\setup_pc.exe”, not simply, “x:Setup.exe”.